By on April 27, 2017

Down south Luzon, Batangas has been one of the most frequent destinations of beach lovers especially those people who don’t want to travel via plane.

Laiya, Batangas in general is known for its fine, white sand beaches.

From budget traveller to budgeted travellers you can practically go there and enjoy the white sands of Laiya.

Last March 2017, I was able to visit and spend a time in Chatswood, it’s a private residence resort with white sand beach along side (you’ll have to do a bit of trekking to go down the hill and see its beauty!).

If you love less crowded places, this is the place to be. One of our neighbor’s houses are actually for rent, so you can spend nights at a less price compare to those commercial places in Laiya.

I am fascinated how beautiful the beach was and surely will spend more summer days back in Brgy. Imelda again.

By the way, the house is for sale for P24M, everything in it and everything you see is up for grab (with few exceptions on some personal items of the owner – of course!)

Will surely back in this place!

There are other commercial resorts along the area that you can check out.



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