The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

By on May 12, 2017

When I first tasted the coffee being offered at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf I have said to myself that it is now my favorite coffee shop in town and since then it has been my best coffee company. 

Wherever I go, I always look for #cbtl. Coffee Bean and Tea Left in Evia Lifestyle Mall has been a home and an office to me since 2015 next to CBTL in Alabang Town Center. When they opened another branch at All Home Daang Hari, the new branch has been the second home. 

I have been praying that they would open another store near my home and after so many years of praying, my prayer has been granted. 

Now, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is within my reach. Two weeks ago, they opened another store in the new mall area of Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa. 

When I found it out, I was ecstatic simply because there’s another home for me where I can spend my money worthy of a coffee and at the same time another office for me since I work remotely. 

I would say, CBTL in Festival Mall is another milestone and set a new record for having the best interior. I love their upgraded design internally, why upgraded? It is simply a new combination of CBTL Evia and CBTL AllHome – much bigger space, very conducive to students who wants to study and most of all too many ports for people like me who works remotely! Too many outlets to plug their gadgets! What an advantage! 

One thing that makes Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf differed from the rest of Coffee Shops in Manila was the fact that they always have the fastest internet!

Speaking of internet, it doesn’t come for free of course! You need to have a swirl card in order to gain an access. More importantly, you need to spend whenever you stay inside because it would be awful if you just go in there and do nothing. 

Needless to say, #CoffeeBean&TeaLeaf has been my home for many years. 

These are my most recommended drinks and pastries that I never get tired of ordering all these years:


Pomegranate Tea

Iced Caramel Macchiato (my top favorite!)

Pink Guava ( with ice on the side!)

Pastry and Stuff:

Spicy Tuna Pandesal (yum!!)

Chilled Spicy Tuna Pasta (usually my lunch!)


Blueberry Cheesecake

Guiltless Chocolate Cake (if you’re diabetic like me)

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Festival Mall is located on the new Festival Lifestyle Mall area, fronting Asian Hospital. 

Right now, they offer free parking but it has to be validated by CBTL of course.  

I love their interiors!!

Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf Festival Mall is my new fave and top of the list branch! 

I noticed, they have this huge community wall where you can also make your posting of ads or anything for free! How cool is that?

If you want to be part of their team? You can apply through this photo below:

Visit Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf today! 






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