Mystic Brew

By on June 3, 2017

I have been hearing good feedback about Mystic Brew for many years and yet I haven’t been able to visit them. 

Few weeks ago, I spent time to pave a visit and voila! I am not disappointed. The place was really nice! I like their interiors and everything in it. 

The servers were nice and very accommodating. I like the way they serve us our orders and they give good recommendation either! 

Though, I haven’t tried the majority of what they serve but I would say their coffee is the best as well. Coffee Jelly is highly recommended, too. 

For their food, I would say Crop Circle is a must try for dessert and for rice toppings I would recommend the Vigan Longganisa. Delectably good!!

In regard to their interiors, I am amazed how organized and fabulous the place was. It was strategically thought in general. 

This opens up when you get inside. So beautifully arranged!

The couch is good for those who are on a date or just simply wanted a full relaxation while sipping coffee or any other drinks in their menu. 

Not to mention, you can play the piano and other musical instruments you will see inside. 

It really feels homie inside. It feels like I wasn’t away from my own home. 

The art decors on the walls are extremely picturesque. It only shows how meticulous the owner is and it pictures different asian cultures. 

The details are so fine. 

A little of their art walls. I love the inspirations!

Outside, there’s a veranda for people who smokes. And I love the art walls outside, too!

One of their shelves, do feature some items that are on sale! From cactus to Harry Potter wands to everything!

Of course, my fave! Gandalf!!

Mystic Brew Philippines is located at BF Resort in Moonwalk. 

You may like them on facebook at @mysticbrewphilippines. 



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