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By on June 11, 2017

The name JS Serata was founded by Anna Lissa Gutierrez and Peter Dela Cruz whom they named it after being partnered on JS Prom, way back in High School days. After more than a decade, they met again and thus the birth of JS Serata. 

The word “serata” is an Italian word meaning “evening” that could refer to a thing, a place and possibly events that happened in the evening. 

JS Serata Toys Balloons and Party Needs Co. started a very humble beginning. To cut the long story short, they are now well known company down the South of Metro Manila wherein they provide all sort of party needs particularly rentals for chafing dish, linens, tables, chairs and other cutlery tools. 

One of the founders, Anna Lissa Gutierrez is a powerhouse licensed real estate broker. Her vast connections made JS Serata to where it is today. 

People from different classes would seek the services of JS Serata due to its superb and professional service. 

Their presence right now is Social Media is pretty impressive. 

If you have special events and don’t know how to start it take JS Serata and they’ll do wonders to your party needs. 

Send them an email or call them at the numbers provided to request for proposal. 

Surely at JS Serata, they’ll bring you to the kind of party you want!




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