Tagaytay’s Best 3 Romantic Restaurants

By on June 23, 2017

If you are planning for a weekend getaway and don’t know where to eat. Well, these restaurants are highly recommended. Not just I researched them BUT I have been there as well. 

These 3 featured restos are worth recommending especially if you are planning to propose, go out on a date with special someone or just go out with your family or friends. 

I love eating and I love finding the best restos all over the nation to try and recommend them. 

Here are my best 3 romantic restaurants in Tagaytay:
1. Marcia Adams

I have frequent this place several times over the past years. Though, they may look like a little expensive for a dine in but the price is really worth the travel and dine. 

If you love sunset then this is the best place to be. Just go here around 3pm to 5pm and stay in this balcony to be able to see the sun settling down for the night. 

The first time I went here, I fell in love with the place. It has the Tuscanny theme so expect a different ambiance inside. 

They are located at the border of Alfonso and Tagaytay, the first street right after the Tagaytay Zoo. 

They offer full course meal for a price of P700.00-P800.00 per person excluding drinks. 

Try it, it’s worth it!

2. Don Limone

The first time I have eaten at Don Limone was when they were still in BF Paranaque. 

I love the look of their resto way back then but I even love their new look when they moved to Tagaytay. 

Don Limone is an Italian Restaurant. I wouldn’t forget their Lemoncello. I love the taste and the alcohol concoction and its kick was just perfect!

And of course, their interior was carefully planned and perfectly made to make you feel at home. This I would say a home away from home. 

Don Limone’s price for food varies depending on the meal you are going to order. Their price starts at P500.00. 

Not to forget, I love their cakes. Try their Macadamia Cheesecake and the wine cake. Delectably delicious! 

Don Limone is located at the junction of Mendez and Tagaytay fronting One Tagaytay Hotel. Just enter the gate and go straight. The dead end “house” is already the Don Limone. Their beautiful garden will welcome you immediately. 

3. Sonya’s Garden 

If you love garden fresh vegetables being served to you with fish and freshly squeezed dalandan (citrus) juice then this is the place to be. 

Sonya’s Garden is known for baptismal, and other events particularly weddings due to the garden picturesque ambiance. 

This is not an ordinary restaurant either since you can book for an overnight stay. 

The place is like heaven on earth. They have their homegrown vegetables for sale, soaps – of all kinds, perfumes and a lot more. 

Apart from dine in, you can pamper yourself through their spa. 


Sonya’s Garden is located at Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso. You’ll pass through Tagaytay area going Nasugbu, Batangas. 

These 3 restaurants are not just ordinary restaurants that you can easily. They are strategically located, hidden I would say but once found it’s worth it. 

Over time, most probably, the owners spent a big bucks of money to make it appealing, worth the travel for adventurous resto finder like me and most of all to impress and make your stay worth it. 

Watch out for the next best places in Tagaytay. I am still gathering experience so I can fully introduce only the best of the best places there. 

Happy dining!



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