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By on July 6, 2017

There are so many good places, restaurants and anything you can blog about not only in the Philippines but in some places across the world. As a traveller, whose been in so many places, nothing beats about blogging your own country whether products, places and businesses.

Of all the many resorts I’ve been with, Baserri De Lipa captured my heart. While there are many adjectives I can throw about Basseri De Lipa but the best adjective I can throw is it is definitely “a home away from home”.

Basseri De Lipa is very serene, super close to nature and I would say that it is “heaven on earth!”.

Baserri De Lipa is an hour and a half away from Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The place was not hard to find if you follow the map below:


The fastest way to get to Baserri De Lipa is when you take South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), then go all through Star Toll. Exit Balete then make a turn to your left. Towards the end, you’ll be encountering T – road, marked by Caltex Gas Station on your right. Take the right turn and go straight until you reach a small rotunda. At the rotunda, go straight from the main road you are into (don’t turn right, if you reached SM Lipa, that means you are on the wrong way.) Going straight from the rotunda, you’ll see Puregold, the small street right before Puregold, take a left turn and go straight. You’ll pass at least 3 schools on your right, just go straight until you’ll reach a T-road again marked by the small outpost on your left, then a bakery on your right; anyway, there’s a sign everywhere, along the road regarding how far you are to reach Baserri. Trust me you won’t get lost on the road.

Just follow the Map once you entered the street before Puregold and in about 30 minutes you’re already in Baserri De Lipa.

At the road, you’ll see a huge gate with the name of Baserri. If you have a reservation in placed already all you have to do is go directly to the gate or if you are inquiring they have ample parking space right after the main gate where you can park your car and do the inquiry.


Baserri De Lipa is a 5 Hectare Resort, strategically placed at the foot of a mountain so you are ensured that you get the best view and the freshest air you can get especially if you lived in the City for quite awhile and you’ve been longing to inhale fresh air. I also noticed that some of the trees have white spots in their trunks – which is an indication that the air in the area is still fresh. Which I agree, it’s soothing!

It was only 3 years ago that the owners of Baserri de Lipa decided to build the resort. The resort was build from the heart of the owners, themselves; Mr. Aguas was part of the building process – he would stay in the resort day and night go with the contractor and helped in the building. Coming from someone who’s been in the resort, I would say, it was carefully planned and meticulously built. I like the fine details of every house in the resort, the interiors, the garden and the accessories. It would only show that the owners have a taste in architecture and as well as an eye to the best furniture and accessory items.

At Baserri, there are three types of houses that you can rent, depending on how huge you are in the group, the place can accommodate all.

  1. Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca is the largest house in the resort, it can occupy 25 person and can accommodate up to 50 people to its full maximum capacity occupying all 5 rooms. Typically, there’s only 4room but if you are a larger group, the 5th room can be opened.

Inside Casa Blanca, there are room with different capacities and each room has its own bathroom:

1.1. Teresa – it can occupy the room with 7 people.







1.2. Antonio and Maria – both rooms are adjacent to each other and each can accommodate 10 people inside.




1.3. Jose – it comes with a veranda, the room can accommodate 18 people inside. The best thing about this room it has a walk-in closet and a huge bathroom!

The entire Casa Blanca can be rented for only P25,000.00 for the 25 pax. If you are going to beyond 25 pax, you may coordinate with Machez Aguas for the pricing.

What so lovely about renting Casa Blanca is you get the full access to the infinity swimming pool, hammock, ping pong play area, two huge dining area, living room, dart area and billiard area. Take note that for the dart, you need to bring your own pin.

The view of Casa Blanca from the pool side. And yes! I love the outside couch. So relaxing!


The view of the swimming pool is astonishing. It’s so serene, while swimming you got a view of the trees particularly palm trees, get to breathe the fresh mountain air and a good view of the mountain. At noon, you’ll get to see different clouds forming. It’s another way to relax, indeed!


At Baserri, since it’s a huge place, you are surely guided by different road signs inside.

The pingpong table is free to use, you need to ask Richard for the accessories.

At this hammock, not only you get to enjoy relaxation time but able to relax while looking at the mountains.

I noticed that the Aguas’ Family are into intricate details not only in their paintings on the walls but also with the furniture, interior design and everything that you can see inside.

Apart from total relaxation that Baserri can give you, if you need to recharge spiritually, they have a Kapilya (Chapel) wherein you can hold special mass or religious activity as well. The best thing about the chapel is it’s fronting the mountain and trees!


Trivia: Did you know that the Cross in the chapel was intentionally placed to face the mountain but unintentionally placed to face the full moon on top of the mountain wherein it’s always full moon on holy week?

Photo Courtesy of Machez Aguas

Oh, by the way, when you rent the Casa Blanca, it comes with an access to the bon fire area. Back in the days, I remember roasting mallows and BBQ during camp!

Just as a reminder, if you are planning to use the bon fire area, you need to ask help from the caretaker in-charged.

Now, if you are not so large group, there are other areas in the resort wherein you can rent the place from.

Baserri has:

  1. Casita Familia – You can rent this house for only P7,500.00 per night, the house is already good for 4 people and if you are needing extra bed, the extra bed costs P500.00 per night. Casa Familia is like a large Nipa Hut where it has its own kitchen, receiving area and a porch wherein you can have a 180 degrees view of the nature and the entire Baserri resort. Just be careful, even if you have kitchen access here, one of the rules they have is not to cook any raw food in any area in the resort. You may bring your own food but no cooking plus you need to bring your own disposable utensils. This is a way to preserve the area. In case, you need food, they have a restaurant wherein you can pre-order food before your event.

If you are a very small group like 2 or less than 7, you may take advantage of Cabina. Cabina has a room that can accommodate two people only and up to 7 people.

You can book for Cabina for only P3,000.00 per night for the two pax, in excess bed will be charged at P500.00 per head per night.

They also offer Day Tour Packages where you can rent the Cabana for only P1,000.00 per day and P800.00 per day for the Cottages. Cottages are found on the pool side.

For Day Tours, if you want to do BBQ, you can rent the Grill at P300.00 per day. If you don’t want to bring any food, you may pre-order food at their Marketing office.

Note: If you are renting, Casita Familia and the Cabinas including Cottages, the renter cannot go to the main house (Casa Blanca) and use the other facilities there. 

Cabina and Casita Familia come with two pools anyway, one for kids and for adults. Maximum pool depth for adults is 5 feet. Please note as well that all pools, upon rent, don’t come with a life guard. So, better safeguard your kids whenever they use the pool.

Baserri is not only good for total relaxation, family gathering, other special events but it is also good with corporate events and wedding events.

For Corporate events, they have the following amenities for your team building activities:

Mini Soccer Field

Obstacle Course

Playground for Kids and Mini Volleyball area


Basketball Area

Baserri is also perfect for Wedding Events, trust me, it will be romantic and worth the wait wedding for every couple:

It would be lovely to see your bride walking down the bridge, which is the main focal point of the wedding. Photoshoots and pre-nup pictures are usually done on the bridge. Well, of course, you need to do some decorations but looking at how beautiful the pavement, that alone would paint a thousand memories!

The Gazebo will be your area to exchange your vows, if dressed beautifully, it could be the best wedding you could ever have. I suggest getting a wedding designer and planner so your wedding will be perfection to its core!

Here is the entrance to the wedding venue, beautifully wrapped with vines.


Now, of course, after any events, you’ll need a function area. Baserri offers function area as well, both enclosed and open area:


The function area can hold up to 100 people maximum. The enclosed area, which is on the second floor of the restaurant, can hold up to 50 people.

If you have special events like team building and wedding, it would be best to coordinate with Machez Aguas for the quote, details can be found at the end of this page.

Before your event, it is suggested by the owner, if you are not going to bring your own cooked food to make a pre-order of the food you want to eat. At their restaurant, they can practically cook anything you want them to serve you from breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Their buffet price ranges from P250.00 – P500.00 per meal. For Platted, they have P230.00 per meal. If you want to avail their buffet breakfast at P300.00 only you’ll get Biya, Tapa, Tocino, and Longganisa. But if you prefer to have a customized meal, you may ask Machez Aguas.

Here are some points to remember when booking for Baserri De Lipa:

  1. When you rent Casa Blanca, it comes with a personal butler.
  2. No smoking on any of their rooms, bathrooms and any inside premises of their cottages, Cabana, Cabina, Casa Blanca and Casita Familia.
  3. Each room has its own shower heater, cable TVs are provided in the other rooms except some rooms in Casa Blanca.
  4. Wifi connection is first come first served. If you reserved casa blanca ahead, you get the chance to go solo on the wifi. They only use wifi dongle connection so if you are a freelancer and wants to work still while enjoying the view I suggest that you bring your own wifi stick.
  5. Videoke is for rent and costs around P1,000.00 per night.
  6. Grill is for rent at P300.00 per night
  7. Extra bed is always P500.00 per head per night.
  8. Reservation is P10,000.00 but you need to pay in full before you go to the resort.
  9. If you are planning to bring your own food, make sure that it is already cooked and you must bring your own disposable utensils as there is no area to clean it.
  10. There’s no cork cage fees for drinks brought from the outside but should be limited as to 1 case of beer, 2L hard drink. If you planned on bringing in more, you may coordinate with Richard Capps and Machez Aguas.
  11. The resort offers massage services and should be requested before arrival. Price starts at P400.00 per hour of massage.
  12. Manicure and Pedicure will be available soon.

Baserri De Lipa usually gets jam-packed on Summer days, Year End School Days, Christmas, Valentines, and Month of June. So, in case you want to book, please check out with Machez Aguas.

Baserri can be found on social media as well, like them on and on Visit their website at

For bookings and reservations, kindly get in touch with Machez Aguas, Managing Director, at (0927) 971-2175 or email them at

Truly, Baserri De Lipa is “a home away from home where heaven meets earth”.


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