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Skin Perfection By The Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas

By on July 9, 2017

Skin Perfection is currently the trend in the aesthetic industry today. More and more clinics and aesthetic studios offer this kind of treatment with a promise of amazing result.

Skin Perfection promises intensive skin correction in just 28 days with at least once a week treatment. The technology of Skin Perfection is to bring and provide customers with the best product to give you the best results such as anti-aging, organic skin care and correction of skin. Skin Perfection, as said, is all organic which means no harsh chemicals used, it is fully non-synthetic, no fillers or even paraben that can potentially damage our skin.


While there are many other clinics and studios that offer the same technology, I still suggest that you consult your dermatologist regarding what is best for you and your skin and of course always go with the trusted clinic or studio.

At The Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas, apart from many services they provide, one of their best services is Skin Perfection. I, myself have tried it and after the treatment I’ve seen already remarkable result. The entire process will only consume 45 minutes to an hour of your time, regardless, you will be surprised how amazing this technology is.

At The Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas, they know how to take care of their clients and will treat each customer with utmost care and most of all they’ll treat you like a King or a Queen.

First off, they’ll start at cleaning your face using their facial cleanser, if you have a sensitive skin just like they’ll use glycolic wash, put a mask and fused it with a steamer. This will take about 15 minutes.

Second, Vacuum. To get rid of impurities and dirt and to scrap off dead skin. This gives you a new layer of beautiful and glowing skin after. Process was about 5 minutes.

Third, Diamond Peel. This is done to ensure that all dead skins are taken off exposing new layer of skin. Process takes about 5-10 minutes.

Fourth, Laser. This is done to induce healing and repair on your new skin. I like how it is done on my face. This is used to perfect all imperfection and at the same time to help in closing your opened pores. This takes about 5 – 10 minutes.

Fifth, Snail Rejuvenating Facial Mask introducing Truly Wonderful Youth. I chose this mask so it will aid me to obtain youthful skin glow. This takes about 5 minutes. You have options as well to choose other Facial Masks such as Whitening and etc.

Sixth, Galvanic Massage with infusion of Multi-vitamins and Intense Seaweed Serum. The Galvanic Massage effect is not the usual massage we get, it is a deeper tissue massage to ensure that the multivitamins poured to the skin will be greatly absorb by your face. The Intense Seaweed Serum is another product to help your skin achieved that youthful glow and skin-baby like skin.

Lastly, one of my favorite stuff is the Skin Perfection’ Intense Nano Lift Plus Peptide infused with Oxygen. We all know that if our skin are rich in Oxygen we are able to radiate that youthful glow and young looking aura. The Intense Nano Lift Plus Peptide aids in correcting sagging and wrinkled skin.

If you would like to see the pictures of what I’ve gone through, you may visit my page at

The Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas is still giving discounts on almost all of their services/treatments, just mentioned that Leyzure referred you and you’ll get a discount. You may visit the studio at Unit 08 Lower Ground Level, Richville Corporate Tower, Alabang Madrigal Business Park, Muntinlupa City. You may like them on facebook at or follow them on Instagram at,



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