LTFRB vs. Uber & Grab

By on July 17, 2017

LTFRB released a memo last July 11, 2017 stating cessation of operations of all Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) that don’t have the required Certificates of Public Convenience yet. The said memorandum was geared towards protecting the public’s safety. This is also in regard to being fair with the other transport services such as jeep, bus and taxi.

For me, I don’t personally have any issues if LTFRB would like to make it more “stricter” when it comes to implementation of rules just to make it fair for all. However, there are other Uber/Grab subscribers who got their respective certificates that have been affected by the said memo. On the other hand, this memo was made to protect the public’s safety – which indeed being compared to the legalities of operations of Jeepneys, Taxis and Buses.

My two cents worth is, before they implement further “safety” measures for Uber and Grab they should have implemented stricter measures on Jeepneys, Taxis, and Buses, why? because of the following:

  1. Though there are Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance on these three transport systems but it is not as comprehensive as with those who operates from Uber and Grab. Before you can register, as an operator and/or driver for Grab and Uber, the car has to be currently registered and up-to-date with comprehensive insurance. This guarantees passenger that no matter what happen to them, they are insured. Which, I don’t think Buses, Jeepneys and Taxis have. If there’s one, I stand to be corrected. We used to have a Jeepney, and we didn’t have any Comprehensive Insurance just TPL.
  2. Have you tried riding a taxi? oh my goodness! The smells of our taxis here are not pleasant. The last time, I rode a taxi I saw a roach creeping along the door. Not to mention, let us all admit, majority of the taxis we see on the road are all dilapidated. Some of them need to be rested forever!
  3. Not all Buses are convenient to ride, to be honest, thank God for new buses but for the old ones that are still roaming around the metro, some of them have roaches inside, I’ve seen some mice as well and worst is, it’s like a dump truck. Full of rubbish especially if you take a ride towards the end of the day.
  4. MRT/LRT or public trains are not conducive for a ride, why? most of the time I feel I’m pushing myself inside a can of sardines. I hope these public officials should try riding an MRT/LRT during rush hours so they would know the sentiments of their citizens.
  5. Some of the crimes are being done in Buses, and Taxi and even Jeepneys.

I can go on and on but for me, LTFRB should not cease the operations yet because it gives us the safety that we are longing for that should have been provided by our existing transport system. They can monitor with Uber/Grab’s compliance towards this memorandum but I hope and pray – it should not be put on hold. I feel for the millions of Filipinos dependent on Grab and Uber and as well as for the operators as well.

Whether we like it or not, since the birth of Uber and Grab, it has provided our fellow Filipinos the convenience that we have been looking for at our transport system. As for me, before they implement such stricter measures – they should have looked at our existing transport system and improve it.


News Source: Thanks Top Gear Philippines and Dinzo Tabamo for this wonderful write up. Very informative.


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