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Honey Berry Introduces Innovative Soap for Skin Moisturizing

By on August 1, 2017

Manuka Honey White Mask Soap


First Makeup and Sunscreen Cleansing Soap Mask from Thailand.

“Manuka Honey White” by Honey Berry (Thailand) recommended innovative “Manuka Honey White” facial cleanser in skin structure levels. 

A multitude of skin problems with innovative Micellar cleansing water blended in soap, Nano-particles to absorb sunscreen, and impurities on the face that are the causes of acne and wrinkles without damaging the skin and does not irritate the skin. The skin with acne will not be irritated because the soap comes with anti-acne formula and intensive extracts that can inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause acne and also nourish and heal acne inflammatory skin as a skincare gently. The product also provides smooth, clear, acne-free, soft touch skin conditions.

The distinctive features of makeup and sunscreen cleansing are not just like that. Simply, the skin cleansing technology of the skin ensures that your skin is clean and bright. No residue, which is the cause of acne and wrinkles. This soap comes with the extract of honey from the Premium Manuka honey, which the research of many nations recognized as the best honey in the world hence it contains more antioxidants than general honey, which directly affects the skin and helps to heal acne inflammatory skin and also reduce the wrinkles. As well as stimulate your skin to brighten your skin. The extract and formula are imported directly from a world-class laboratory in New Zealand, where honey is selected from organic farms and harvested during the best duration of the year, only 7 days a year, to become a Manuka Honey White Mask Soap. We designed the mask soap following a Mesotherapy treatment.

In general, Mesotherapy will come with multi-vitamin to boost the skin immediate lively. It will open the gaps between skin structures and push those multi-vitamin formulae to the facial skin. Manuka Honey White soap, we use the same principle by coming with multi-vitamin more than 100 vitamins and use advanced technology to deliver the intensive extract into your skin and remove the dirt out from your skin. You will make sure that the high antioxidants of well-known Manuka honey and hundreds of premium multi-vitamins are pushed deep to the skin structure. All extracts are very concentrated. The skin is stimulated to shine out from the inside indeed. Just for the first time, you could feel your skin becomes clear, softer than you’ve ever felt before even rough skin. The product also helps relieve dark spots and freckles and also provides clear and acne free includes eliminate wrinkles under eyes to moisten up. Makes your skin bright and shine naturally.

Buy now at leading pharmacies store in your country or order online at Facebook  (<— click the link) or add us via LINE @honeyberry or Order by phone call +6662-459-4261.

User trials result in Thailand and Singapore:

· Helps the skin look radiant white and glow naturally.

· Reduce dark spots, freckles even the rough skin of men.

· Skin softens from the first use.

· Wash the dirt off the inflammatory skin without irritating

· Wrinkles reduction around the eyes, even the most severe wrinkles, is also reduced.

 Many thanks to Tammy of Honey Berry for this blog post. 



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