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By on August 2, 2017

The Beauty and Aesthetics Industries have evolved tremendously over the years. Now, beauty isn’t only associated with ladies but with men as well.

One of the biggest and rising trends in the aesthetic and beauty departments is #Manbrows.

In today’s technology, it looks like everything easy to achieve. Now, men can go to any beauty or aesthetic clinics to have something done without the disgrace of being categorized as homo. Let’s admit it, it used to be like that specially if you come from a culture where man should only go to a man industry and women categorically tagged only for beauty.

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to come into the open and do the thing you want to do to either enhance yourself or make yourself look presentable especially if you are in the industry where you need to look good all the time.

According to GQMale eyebrow maintenance is a rising trend“. Yes, it does! It has gone a long way and it’s been a trend recently.

Here are some of the eyebrow grooming for men that would save yourself from any epic fails:

Let’s ran down some quick facts. The Ultimate shape of our eyebrows depends on the positioning of nostrils and eyes. Try to get a line through your outer nostril and rule it to the inner corner of your eye, this should be the starting point of your eyebrows. On the other hand, the rule line on the outer corner of your eye should be the end of your eyebrow.

Plucking. While it is mostly associated with ladies. Personally, I don’t advice for guys to do some plucking, while it is extremely painful if you’re not used to it but it will make your face, as for me, too girlish. Should you decide to go ahead with it, then you may invite your girlfriend, mom or some girl friends for some advice.

Dyeing. As we grow older, our hair naturally starts to turn grey – whether we like it or not. Aesthetically, the color of your hairs should match the color of your brows. If you are not use to dyeing your hair, then I suggest that you go to a professional to help you dye your brow to match the color of your hair and more so to give you the best advise on the right shade.

Brush for Eyebrows. If you think your eyebrows are too bushy, then I suggest that you use an eyebrow brush. It’s like a normal comb anyway and you can brush your brows to the direction where it should normally sit.

Pencils and Gels for Eyebrows. While there are some men who are gifted with good brows, on the other hand, there are men wherein they have thinly and fine hairs. If you want to achieve an additional look, you can use eyebrow pencils or gels. Again, if you are not sure how to do it, you may go to a professional who does this so proper advice can be given.

Wax. Waxing can be potentially dangerous especially if you are not keen to do it. Waxing the brows needs a little technique on how to do it and I advise that it should be done only by professionals.


The Aesthetics Studio by #KristineLucas offers “For Him Services”. They have a male guru that can help you on achieving that #manlylook you’ve been desiring for. Lester, the guru for Him Services, can give you the perfect advise on how to make your look be the desiring look you want.

Lester went on several trainings to ensure that their male clients are handled by a trained professional. He, himself, tried all the #ForHimServices they offer so Lester would know the feel and how he can execute it perfectly to every client.

#Manbrows has been an “in” thing in the Philippines recently and more and more men are going to the studio to achieve the manly-looking brow.

The process itself would take roughly around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the desired look you want to achieve. Anesthesia is applied 30 minutes before the procedure. If you’re familiar with the tattoo process, it is basically the same but Manbrows process is a little bit different since it is fused with cosmetically and hypoallergenic tints not only to give you the natural look tint on your brows but it helps to enhance the growth of your eye brows as well.

Two years ago, when I had mine for the first time, I used to have an eyebrow that is half of what is expected length of an eyebrow. Several months after, I noticed that there are new hairs grown and filled in the area where I had the tints. The #manbrows process itself, stimulates hair growth! What an amazing results!

If you’re curious about this manbrows, you may set an appointment with Kristine Lucas or Lester Rodriguez and find out about what’s best for your face.

#TheAestheticsStudioByKristineLucas is located at Unit 08 Lower Ground Level, Richville Corporate Tower, Alabang Madrigal Business Park Muntinlupa City. You may like their page at or follow their beauty tips via

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