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5 Ways To Boost Your Skin Using Effective Facial Cream

By on August 4, 2017

A lot of people use different type of skin care products and most of them would say that the product they used has been very effective to them but when you try it, it didn’t work. Have you wondered why some are effective and some are not? Furthermore, in most cases, you’ll end up having more pimples, worst is acne and sometimes would result in skin irritation.

The products that promotes itself that helps treat acne, helps to brighten up skin, whiten freckles, and wrinkles well on any social media and it made you imagine if one day you use it, it would help you get a gorgeous and flawlessly skin, Perfect, isn’t it?

Marketing achieve their goal to take the customer at this stage; in contrast, when you use it, you might find that it is not as much efficient as the advertisement as mentioned or you expected; or you might get acne, pimple, on the face after using it as a complimentary. Another case is, it is efficient in the beginning, but in the next few months it did not see any further skin improvement. These problems, we believe, whether you are a woman or a man, teenage or middle age or with acne or not. If you have applied any skincare products, we are confident you must have encountered the problem mentioned above in your life.

Are you fed up with this type of skin cycle? Have you ever figured out how to solve these problems you are facing? Even though we know that the results will vary depending on the skin type of the individual. But believe me that you can make these problems better in a less expensive way.

Today, cosmetics and sunscreen makeup remover cleansing soap from “Manuka Honey White” would like to give you tips to help your skin care products to be more efficient again, get effect faster and a help to balance the strength of the skin at the skin structure level to be ready to receive all kinds of nourishments.

Let’s see what it is:

  1. Dirt make your skin weak, try Makeup Remover. It is an answer for acne-free also.

Having a clean skin is the first step to having a healthy skin. Clean skin must not just only look clean from the outside, but it must be thoroughly clean. Believe it or not, there are many people that after washing their face, there are stains, creases, sunscreens, pollution, makeup stains left on their face because most cleansing products cannot wash these out. Wipe up stains, excess sweat, creams, and other form of stains, if left unwashed on skin, these will lead to Acne thus making your skin look dull.

  1. If the cream you use is not working anymore. Let’s try masking.

Every day, your skin is exposed to pollution, dust, smoke, light, neon, and heat. These pollutants are the ones that destroy collagen in your skin. This does not include all sort of stress which might result in total hormone defect. If left unattended, your skin might end up being dull and unhealthy leading to acne or worst is wrinkle. Every day we age, and this is something that we cannot get away from. If you think your skin is not getting any better with the product you are using, try to use Facial Masks that has Moisturizer, Vitamin C and Collagen.


  1. Are your skin Dull? Why don’t you try scrubbing it?

If you have dull skill, or very dry skin despite the fact that you’ve almost tried almost all product, try scrubbing the surface of your skin. There are available products that in combination with a scrubbing technology, but make sure that you apply moisturizer afterwards.

  1. Get some facial massage to boost shining skin

Any form of massage stimulates relaxation, and calmness for our body. How much more if you apply massage to your facial skin. Massage your skin daily for about 15 minutes – then you’ll see difference; there’s blood flow through your facial veins, increased in circulation and there’s increase in circulation the more it becomes healthy and supple.

  1. Don’t forget to wash make-up brushes and make-up accessories

Did you know that makeup brushes, puffs, sponges that you apply to your face have more hidden bacteria than you can imagine? As well as the computer keyboard, it is. One study says the keyboard is as dirty as a toilet flush. Now you might understand why we should wash the make-up brush. You may think that the brushes are not that dirty. It’s impossible. Try imagining that every day you face a lot of pollution, dust, sweat, heat, bacteria, so many dirt floating onto your face. Then we use our make-up brush and get the dirt out of our face. Make up accessories become a source of bacteria that causes acne itself. Now you can understand that the brush that was not washed is like a house of bacteria. Let’s find a removable make-up remover to wash a brush. Then followed by a soap or foaming cleanser. Then you will find that you might have less acne.

We know that you don’t like the complicated procedures especially at time we don’t have the time to do the massage, scrubbing and masking. Manuka Honey White Soap Mask is your better alternative to another level of skincare. The soap itself provides a lather that works as a mask and a scrub to your facial skin. With continued use, it will provide bright effect and glowing skin. It doesn’t only clean your face but it helps your skin to remove the impurities like no other soaps can.


If you would like to know more about the product, you may click the previous article <— click this or simply get in touch with Tammy, she is the PR Executive of Manuka White Honey Soap Mask, Email: or simply call her at  +6662 459 4261.

Manuka White Honey Soap Mask is the first Manuka product from Thailand.


Source: Article submitted by Tammy.



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