8 Tips On Registering Vehicle In Land Transportation Office (LTO)

By on August 9, 2017

Many years ago, it was very dredging to register vehicle in Land Transportation Office (LTO), too many fixers and under the table transaction. Kudos to the past and present Government Administration since the process has tremendously changed – for the better! Of course! 

Today, I’d like to share my pleasant experience registering my car in LTO. At the beginning, I was really very hesitant to have it done due to the horrors I kept reading from various online articles and thought of using third party to have it registered. 

I was fortunate enough to brave it and do it on my own instead so I have something to bring to my readers. Anyway, this is what my blog meant to be. To bring review on my personal experiences be it in travel, business, food, technology and so much more!

Here are the things you must not forget before going to #LTO:

1. Bring some reasonable amount of money.  Your previous registration would give you an idea how much you would likely to prepare. 

2. Don’t forget to bring your Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR).  I suggest that you bring a photocopy because later on you will be using that in the registration process. 

3. Make sure that your car is clean. You don’t want your messy car being presented to the LTO personnel. 

4. Check your car’s engine, make sure your vehicle is not emitting black smoke. Otherwise, your application will be denied. 

Once you have everything prepared. Then, you are ready to go for processing your application on renewing your vehicle’s registration. 

Top Tip: It’s a No No that you deal with fixers. It’s not worth it!

Step 1: as soon as you enter the LTO premises, go and get application form. Remember: you don’t need to pay anything at this stage.  

Step 2: there’s no need to fill out the application form. Just hold it then proceed to getting a TPL (Third Party Liability) Insurance). There are many booths that offer this but they are only coming from one company. They will ask your ORCR to make sure that you have it handy. Next is to prepare P1,000.00. 

Step 3: once you already have the TPL Insurance, proceed immediately to the Smoke Emission Testing Center. There are days where you have to fall on a line but if you got into a day where there were many renewals then you’ll have to wait for your turn. Go to the window that accepts application. Surrender your ORCR then wait for your turn. They will ask you if you already have gotten a TPL Insurance so make sure you have one already before going in. 

Step 4: once you are waiting for your name to be called, I suggest that you park your car near the emission testing center so you can easily bring your car to the testing area once your name is called. While waiting, you can have one of the personnel that wears blue color shirts and ask them if they can do stencil of your vehicle. This is for you to save time anyway you are waiting for your turn. Since you have surrendered your ORCR to the Smoke Emission Testing Center, the photocopied ORCR will then be asked by the personnel who’ll do the stencil. Together with the photocopied ORCR, give the Application Form you’ve gotten from Step 1.

Step 5: once your name is called, the Smoke Emission Testing Center will ask you to bring your car to the testing area. Once there, the personnel will put the gauge inside your muffler and will revv your car three times. This is for them to check how dark your car is emitting smoke. Once done, they’ll fill out a form and next step is wait for your name to be called to make a payment. Roughly around P250-P260.00 is what you’ll need to prepare. But of course, the amount will vary depending on your car make and model. 

Step 6: once you passed the smoke emission testing, then you need to get your application form from the personnel who did the stencil. Together with the application form, the personnel should give you another paper that indicates that he/she has checked your car’s engine number and etc. At this time, you’re not going to pay anything. 

Step 7: once you have your ORCR back together with application form, and Smoke Emission Testing paper, then proceed inside #LTO and submit it to the Evaluator. The Evaluator will then check again all the papers from the personnel you’ve dealt with. You can wait on the side or on the waiting area while they’re reviewing the documents. Once done, they’ll call your name and give you a piece of sort of claim stub and will direct you to go to another window and wait for your name to be called. 

Step 8: while waiting for your name to be called, you may now prepare the amount need to pay, this is your last step. If you are late in renewing your vehicle’s registration. You may refer to their penalty guidelines posted at a certain area in LTO premises. But if not, then you may prepare somewhere around P2,000.00 to P2,500.00 depending again on your car’s make and model. Once your name is called out. Make a payment and they’ll tell you to proceed to another window where they’ll give you your new sticker. Then you’re good to go!

This entire process, if there’s no too many renewals, would only take you around 20-30mins. But if there are too many renewals, then it might take you a maximum of an hour or two. 

I was simply amazed how fast the LTO transaction nowadays. I’ve seen no fixers or other third party negotiators unlike few years back. 

If you are renewing your vehicle, I suggest that you bring your bottled water as it could be very draining while going through the renewal process. 

Kudos to the new system of LTO particularly LTO Tunasan area. They are all professional and had a good customer service. 

Picture source is LTO.






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