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#Manbrows: “If Looks Could Kill”

By on October 15, 2017,

At The Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas, we got MEN covered! Yes, that’s right! Aesthetic and Beauty nowadays are not only associated with women but also with men. More and more men are seeking DYI remedy to enhance their physical appearance and some would go to clinics and studio to look for better alternatives.

The Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas knows how to take care its male clients, their in-house men guru is the first one who tries all procedures to have the “feel” of it and so they can easily market their services to their clients.

Here are the #ForHimServices that the Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas offer:

  1. Manbrows (It’s all about eyebrows!)
  2. Manlashes (This makes your eyelash look more beautiful the manly way!)
  3. Metroskin (This is all about facial cleaning, treatment and procedures to make you look young and stunning as ever!)
  4. Manslimming (I love this part! if you want to take out that “beer belly” then go for this procedure! Trust me, it’s harmless, painless and you’ll enjoy this!)
  5. Scalp Pigmentation (Going bald? or already experiencing thinning hair especially the front side of your face? Leave the worry behind! This is the solution, Man!)
  6. Permanent Lip Tint (Ooopps, I know men don’t wear lipstick BUT if you want to enhance this side of your face, then is the solution. Their lip tint will make your lip look natural. I love this!)
  7. Semi Permanent BB Glow (Yes, BB Glow is for Men too! It helps your skin look stunning with that extra glow particularly on your cheeks area.)

If you want to know more about The Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas simply click this –> I WANNA KNOW!

Visit The Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas at Unit 8, Lower Ground Floor, Richville Corporate Tower, Alabang Madrigal Business Park, Mutinlupa City.



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