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The Aesthetic Studio by Kristine Lucas’ Full Service Experience

By on May 10, 2020

Eyebrow Microblade, Ulthera, BB Glow, CC Rejuv


Aging is inevitable, whether we like it or not, we all go through the process. How we defy aging is up to us – how we take care of ourselves, what supplements we take, lifestyle, and food, it plays a vital role in our overall look. While there are remedies readily available in this day and age, it is advisable that you only go through one trusted brand for all your needs.


When I reached my 30’s, I started to see that my brows are beginning to get thin and undefined. I went through Kristine Lucas of The Aesthetics Studio and sought help. It was 7 years back when I underwent the microblade technology and whenever I feel like it, I go to Kristine for a retouch. At first, I was really skeptical if it will work but eventually, it did. Comparing the results with some other friends who went the same process but with different Aesthetic Studio, mine was really astonishing! 3 months later, after my first touch, hair is beginning to start anew until it is full-blown. Every month, I only trim it because it is becoming bushy but I’m happy with the results. I only go for another retouch if I feel like wanting to have new more hairs to go but overall hairs are growing rapidly on those sections that were touched by the microblade. AMAZING! Eyebrow Microblade has been the trend in the past years, it used to be a women lifestyle when it was first introduced in the Philippines but over the years, more men are into it and I am happy to see trends happening which means the beauty industry is actually evolving and it’s becoming a good source of income for beauty enthusiasts.


Another serviced I tried at The Aesthetics Studio by Kristine Lucas was the BB Glow. BB Glow is a semi-permanent makeup procedure wherein a pigment is infused on the first layer of your facial skin. It shouldn’t be painful as per my experience. The entire procedure will last for about 2 hours and a half but it’s all worth it. What makes it longer was the application of numbing cream. Other than that, it is worth the wait. If you want to experience a “woke up like this” look and feel, BB Glow is one procedure that I can recommend. It doesn’t only make yourself look good but it helps your skin to produce collagen, remove dead skin cells thereby allowing new growth of healthy skin, and most of all it gives a different shade and skin tone. I’m the type of guy wherein I don’t want to spend much time fixing myself and I always wanted to be the on-the-go type of a guy and this BB glow helped me achieved that lifestyle and I’m happy with the results.


You may already know that Ulthera is the most famous procedure amongst celebrities, their faces are all over social platforms either endorsing or promoting the brand. In the beginning, I thought it was just a fad because celebrities do it and only they can actually afford the service not until The Aesthetics Studio by Kristine Lucas offered a deal with me to try. Not sure if it will help me achieve the “hugis-bigas face” but I immediately said “yes”. 2019 when I had the “ulthera” treatment and today (2020) the hugis – bigas shape is still visible. One thing I really like about the Ulthera (HIFU) is the fact that it gives immediate effect, yes, right after the treatment you’ll get to see results. There’s a possible downtime depending on the frequency but it will be gone in less than 1 or 2 days post-treatment. As per suggestion, Ulthera should only be done at least once or twice a year. This is something I really wanted to try again after ECQ is over! I’m loving the result and for sure you’ll love it, too.


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You may find Permanent Makeup Academy PH via their website, click this 👉 PERMANENT MAKEUP ACADEMY PH

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