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The Awesome Travel Experience in Bohol

By on May 17, 2020

Bohol, Philippines


Bohol is a province located in the Central Visayan Region of the Philippines. Known for its smallest primate in the world – the Tarsier and known for having the Chocolate Hills and best of all the beautiful white sand beaches!

A small island as it is but Bohol offers a lot to its tourists – both local and foreign. Over the years, more and more international tourists go to Bohol because it has a lot to offer such as climbing the Chocolate Hills and get to see 360-degree views of Tagbilaran at the top.

Chocolate Hills Bohol, Chocolate Hills, Leyzure, Best Travel Destination


On Summer months, the Chocolate Hills are brown in color and the rest of the year it’s all green. The breeze on top is so cool and towards dusk, you can literally see and feel clouds hugging you, it’s a great feeling!

Chocolate Hills


Just be careful when going up the steep hill, the stairs are too steep to climb so every caution should always be implemented but once you get to the peak, it’s all worth it, see the entire Chocolate Hills at the 360-degree view! Amazing!


Another great location to visit in Bohol is the Man-Made Forest! The view, the breeze, and the feel is so outstanding! This is the second time I’ve been here in Bohol and every visit I feel so revised in so many ways – perhaps, it’s because of the oxygen that these trees are giving. Just be careful when it comes to talking your pictures in the middle of the road as sometimes it gets so busy and a lot of tourist vans are passing through as well.

The butterfly museum


Before going to the Chocolate Hills, you’ll pass by the area of Butterfly Farm and the Snake Farm. In this section, you’ll get to see how Boholanos culture butterfly and offers a great view of Butterfly variants. On the side, Tourist Guides offer a free picture through a glass full of dead butterflies just like this one!



Growing up, I hate seeing reptiles but this Xzootic Animal Park in Bohol helped me conquer my fear of reptiles particularly Snakes! It was a great experience holding a live snake and it was different a great experience – at least for me!


Aside from Chocolate Hills, this Tarsier Park is the most visited in Bohol. It offers a breathtaking view of Forest plus Tarsier Colony. They said, many years back, you can still hold the Tarsier in your palms but not recently as Tarsiers have the suicidal tendency when they get stressed. Oops! So sorry! But I’m glad at least in my lifetime, I get to see Tarsier up-close!

Tarsier Park


This trail leads to the section where Tarsiers are resting for viewing purposes.

Baclayon Church


The Church of Immaculada Conception or also known as Baclayon Church is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It’s a different vibe here, you can feel and see at the same time the oldest culture of the Philippines particularly in Bohol.

Baclayon Church


Inside the Church, you’ll see beautiful images of Saints. The Municipal of Bohol was able to maintain still the beauty of this church until today.

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church

The Bell of Baclayon Church


On the side section of the church, you’ll get to see their museum and other old artifacts from the inception of the church. It is indeed worth the visit despite the heat!


Loboc River


Of course, a visit to Bohol won’t be completed if you haven’t tried riding the “balsa” and take a cruise along the stretch of Loboc River. The cruise costs P699 including a buffet meal, a dance from the locals, and a piece of sweet music as you get serenaded by the locals while cruising! Perfection!

Loboc River

The entire cruise takes about 45 minutes to an hour where you’ll get to experience cruising end to end of the Loboc River. It was really a great experience knowing the culture, and the beauty of Bohol via this cruise.

Bohol Bee Farm


On the side trip, we went to Bohol Bee Farm where we get to see Bees and its produce. There are also native products of Bohol and the Philippines in case you want to buy something as a remembrance of your trip. The price is reasonable and their food packs are so nice! Try their Charcoal Ice Cream with Coconut Milk! Delectably delicious!

Ship House

Ship House is becoming popular where it offers a different feel of how it feels and looks like inside the Ship. The entire building is shaped like it mimics a big ship. These 4 story building is another tourist spot. On the roof deck, you get to dine-in and get some local food and drinks.

Ship House

Plus experience being a Captain for a day! Upon entrance, you will pay P100 (in pesos) to wear their uniform and get a chance to see what’s inside the Ship House.

Ship House

Maneuver the Ship as if you’re the Captain and get the “real” experience through their simulator! Amazing!!

Ship House


Re-live the Titanic Scene at the Roof Deck! LOL!

Sikatuna Mirror of the world


Another promising spot that you can get to check and experience wonders of the world is through Sikatuna’s Mirror of the World!

Sikatuna Mirror of the world


Wait! What!? Yes, That’s Eiffel Tower and the sensored guy is Poseidon! LOL! and YES! You’re seeing it right! All of the World’s Wonders are found here!

Sikatuna Mirror of the world

You don’t need to go to Eiffel Tower in Paris to experience the tower, it’s just right here in Bohol!

Sikatuna Mirror of the world

How about Denmark’s famous Mermaid landmark? Oh yes! There you go! Statue of Liberty? Don’t fret! Just go here! Rio De Janeiro in Brazil? Look up! All famous landmark is here!

Sikatuna's Mirror of the World

The gods and goddess in Greece!

Sikatuna's Mirror of the World


Denmark’s famous Mermaid Statue…

Sikatuna's Mirror of the World


The infamous Eiffel Tower…


Sikatuna's Mirror of the World

Of course, Singapore’s Lion! When I visited Bohol last November 2019, they have completed Phase 1 and 2 and Phase 3 is still on the works where it will showcase the Petronas’ Tower in Malaysia, Th Great Wall of China, and many more…




Sikatuna's Mirror of the World


Before going inside the Sikatuna’s Mirror of the World, you’ll need to get your entrance ticket for only P140 per head at the parking station. At the entrance of the Park, a guard will be asking for your Entrance Ticket then you’re in to see the entire wonders of the world!

Definitely and not the least in this travel journey, a trip to Bohol is not a 100% complete trip without spending a night or two in one of its beautiful beaches!


Panglao Grande Resort


We actually stayed at Panglao Grande Resort, it was a decent place to stay and super affordable.

Panglao Grande Resort

All I can remember now that staying by the beach is a great way to indulge and get away from the normal routine in the City. The sand, the sky, and the beach itself is really heaven for me.


Panglao Grande Resort


The sand is so white and the texture resembles a clay-like sand. It was super fine and it’s really a different feeling when you’re in it.


Panglao Grande Resort


This picture is taken from Villa Umi, a resort beside Panglao Beach Grande where it offers another stunning view of the oceanside!


Bohol Beach

Bluish-green sky, super fine white sand — Yes! That’s what Panglao beach can offer!


Beach in Bohol

Fun in the sand, a great getaway, and what a trip to remember! I will never get tired coming back to Bohol! I love Bohol and it was a great experience to try!

Panglao Beach Resort


Beach at dusk


Panglao Beach at dusk… taken before 6 pm


Bohol International Airport.


If you’re a budget traveler like me, then, I always suggest waiting for the promo fares by different airlines in the Philippines. This entire trip of 6 days, I only spent P12,000 in total including my fare. I rode Cebu Pacific for only P5,300 with check-in baggage, P3,300 for the entire days on the beach rentals, and the remaining amount was spent on my trips and food. The food in Bohol is cheap, everyone can afford.


Bohol Philippines

When I booked at Cebu Pacific, at P5,500 two-way travel, I get to sit in the front seat! If you’re not picky as to where you want to seat, on promo fares you can get at least P1,00o to P1,500 two-way fare. That’s really good enough for you! I would say that’s already a great deal!

Here are some of the videos I posted on my Youtube Channel if you want to see more places from this trip.



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